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Miami Metrorail and Buses Get Wifi (some of them)

Posted On: November 9, 2009

Metro-Dade County Miami Mayor's Wireless Initiative Expands. Miami Metrorail and Buses Get Wifi.

No more stuck on the bus or Metrorail train waiting for your next fix of internet!

Miami-Dade County is expanding its Wi-Fi efforts to include our transit system allowing riders to access the Internet via laptop or other wireless device. Beginning Thursday, November 12th, commuters using select Metrorail and 95 Express Metrobus routes can enjoy free wireless access.

It's all part of a Wireless Miami-Dade Initiative to create an environment that is technologically appealing to residents. Now visitors and businesses can use the internet able systems to keep in touch, maintain community safety and reach out to underserved residents.

The Wireless Miami-Dade Initiative kicked off in 2008 when free wireless was made available at Tropical, Tamiami and Goulds parks. County libraries also offer free wireless internet connections.

In addition, the more recent Trolley systems seen sprouting up all over Miami-Dade Counties cities also in most cases have WiFi access on board as well.

Soon there will be no place to hide from that video conference with your boss that you were dreading.

For more information on the Wireless Miami-Dade Initiative, visit  Wireless Miami-Dade.

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