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Join EMH3 Real Estate & Management

With so many options and opportunities, Why put your license with EMH3? 

We're a Small Firm Ready To Grow

For Many years, we purposefully stayed small and boutique-"ish". We are ready to grow and would love to have you on board

Broker and Partners Always reachable

The worst thing is to be working hard and have no one to turn to with experience and guidance. We are always available and ready to help.

Board of Realtors Ethics Committee

As a former member of the Miami Board of Realtors Ethics committee, Our managing Broker has insights that are unique to our industry.

We shoot straight And Deal Fairly

our success does not come at the expense of others. We pride ourselves on being forthright, honest and trustworthy. 

Preferred Splits

Whether You Are Starting Out or a seasoned veteran, a favorable split is the difference between getting a great start in the business and keeping you happy once you have regular transactions and years of experience. Like getting paid quickly? We do to! 

Personal Care

You care for your clients and you want them to have a great experience so that they recommend you. Our goal is to give you great backing so that you can have the tools and knowledge necessary to provide that great service. 

Great Images Standard

One of the biggest things a successful realtor can do is present their clients properties in the best light. That is standard at EMH3 as we offer professional photography & Drone services as part of what we do. We make sure you put your best foot forward. 


Both new to the industry and seasoned veterans can benefit from training and new skills. We train but not in the traditional sense of a static classroom and large groups. We're a small brokerage and therefore more hands-on. In many cases we will walk with you through an actual transaction. The goal is real world experience. If you are a seasoned pro and need specific knowledge or transactional assistance, count on us. 

In-House Social Media

We do most of our social media marketing, posting, photography and aerial/drone work in-house. We will help you do the same for yourself. We have you covered when posting to the major social media channels, making sure your listings are properly syndicated. We assist in giving you the tools to explain to your clients the many channels we use to make sure their property is getting maximum exposure. Need help with your existing social media? We can help!

Master of your Domain

Something that we offer our agents is the use of one of our unique real estate domain names. We control a large pool of easily identifiable domain names related to South Florida and Miami. Beyond just having sought after real estate domains, we also host, create content and much more. In particular, we manage the domain and hosting functions in-house. We can also do the content creation, search optimizations and more. Welcome to the digital age! 

Let's Talk And See If We Are A Good Fit

Ultimately, the information you are reading is only as good as the relationship you build with us and your clients. There is no value to great splits, photography, marketing, training and more if you don't feel comfortable that you made a good choice.  We highly suggest taking the time to chat with our broker. See how our knowledge, energy and presence fit your needs. Everyone has specific needs. Some that may go beyond what you are reading here. We would love to see how we can create a great environment for you. 
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