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With so many options for both experienced and starting agents, Why put your license with EMH3 Real Estate, Why make the switch? 

EMH3 Real Estate Sticks to the fundamentals to succeed. 

So Many Real Estate Firms Sell You on the notion of incredible technology. Amazing free leads. Unbelievable commission splits. tools to make you more efficient to close more deals. It all seems so fantastic. 

but then reality sets in. The tools have steep learning curves. You're locked into a system that while the basics might be free, the "real" added value, costs more. In the end, you only end up using a fraction of those features and are locked into a system that may not suit you. 

even worse, you find yourself not having someone to help you. Broker unavailable? mentoring and Experienced Advice scarce? No one signs on to be ignored. After a lot of researching and personal experience, we came up with a simple alternative. 

whether you are a Beginner or a seasoned pro, these basic expectations absolutely give you the fundamentals that are worth way more than all the bells and whistles. the focus is on functional, useable and actionable. 

So what are fundamentals to emh3 Real Estate?

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Great Splits

We don't nickel and dime you and your hard earned clients with all sorts of fees and costs. Our concept is simple. You keep most of your money and we add value. How do we do it? Keep reading.

Professional Photography

Usually, the first point of contact for a listing are the images. We include that as a part of our brokerage as standard to you. Not just photos. We do Aerials, 360 panoramas and video. Ask to learn more.

Online marketing

The days of cold calling and knocking on doors are quickly coming to an end. We will show you how to optimize the digital door to your business. We'll help you each step of the way. Added value that is valuable.

Executive Office

When you need to present to or meet a client, our office is ready for you. A Spacious conference area and lots of areas to sit and work located in the heart of Edgewater in front of Margaret Pace Park. 

Deal Structuring

What matters to us is connecting and understanding what's important to help you grow your business with us. Be it helping structuring residential or commercial deals or avoiding pitfalls. We are there for you. 

Mentoring & Training

Mentoring via extensive personal experiences. BUT, We also train and  focus on what works and are always looking for ways to optimize our ability to listen and learn and improve. That is part of our DNA 

The result is that we give you the tools and work environment to create lasting relationships with your clients. In the end that should always be your goal. Build great relationships. If that resonates with you, Let's Talk!

What Makes A Good Fit At EMH3 Real Estate? 

It's a personal thing. No? Ultimately, the information you are reading is only as good as the relationship you build with us and your clients. There is no value to great splits, photography, marketing, training and more if you don't feel comfortable that you made a good choice.  We highly suggest taking the time to chat with our Broker. See how our knowledge, energy and presence fit your needs. Everyone has specific needs. Some that may go beyond what you are reading here. We would love to see how we can create a great environment for you. 
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Driving Home The Point Of Why We Are A Good Place To Put Your License


The worst thing is to be working hard on a deal and have no one to turn to with experience or guidance. We are always available and ready to help.


As a former member of the Miami Board of Realtors Ethics committee, Our managing Broker has shareable insights that are unique to our industry.


Our success does not come at the expense of others. We pride ourselves on being forthright, honest and trustworthy. We will shoot straight and be considerate. 
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