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Relocation and Leasing

Whether You are new to the community, your company just relocated you or you want to find a great place that is secure, convenient and well maintained. EMH3 Real Estate Leasing & relocation is your go to team. 

Home Relocation Simplified

Sourcing and getting you into your next home away from home should be painless. EMH3 Real Estate will be there every step of the way, making sure your focus stays on what matters. Being successful in your new endeavor.

We Manage Everything

Most Relocation firms move on once a suitable home is located. We will work with you through the entire process. Our referral business is in large part our clients showing appreciation for sticking with them.

Post Move-in Count on US

After you have settled in count on us to assist in case of repairs, association matters or whatever you might need. Our clients and the owners of the properties they reside in appreciate the extra attention and assistance we provide.

Luxury Real Estate Leasing

Not only do we manage and provide leasing for relocations, but we also handle Luxury Real Estate leasing of both homes and luxury condominiums. Expect attention to details. We do extensive market analysis to verify what things are worth before negotiating offers. 

We Help Tenants

We truly care about our real estate clients. Because we manage real estate for owners, we know the pitfalls and issues that can come up for tenants and guide them in a way that gives them a great experience while helping them be great lease holders.

Move-out's made easier

When the time comes, you will be moving to a new place or maybe buying your first home with us. Whether it’s a security deposit with an association or a walk through at turnover, we will help guide you through the process.
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