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Spring Garden Miami is more than just one of Miami's oldest single family neighborhoods. It's also incredible well located to the Jackson Hospital & University of Miami Medical Campuses. The State Attorneys Office and Miami Dade Court House are all literally walking distance.
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Spring Garden Miami is a historical neighborhood first settled in the 1840's by William English when he established a starch mill in the area. In the 1850's William Wagner and his business partner re-established a coontie mill.

Fast forward to 1997, Spring Garden was designated as an official Historic District in the City of Miami. The summary statement from the report prepared by resident and architectural historian John Kneski states that "The Spring Garden Historic District is significant in the historical, archeological, and architectural heritage of the City of Miami. This neighborhood reflects the City’s growth from the mid-1910’s to the 1940’s and demonstrates the importance of the Miami River in the City’s history. Developed by an important pioneer businessman, Spring Garden is the oldest, intact, single family neighborhood still remaining along the Miami River."

Within the community itself, you have Spring Garden Park which sits at the South East corner of the community along the Seybold canal and Miami River.

The community is a mixture of Single Family homes, Condominiums and a few town-homes that line the Miami River.

Credit and Thanks for parts of this information go to the Spring Garden Wikipedia page.
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