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EMH3 Property Management

Full Service, Great Pricing, Knowledgable, All Property Types

Why Choose EMH3 Real Estate to manage your property

Decades of experience in property management and leasing of all types of real estate.
A simple fee structure for most income property management types makes us affordable.
We tailor our service to your needs.
Friendly, discrete and easy to work with. We Speak English, Spanish and German.
We manage everything from marketing, tenants, repairs, move-outs, permits, associations and much more.
We take the hassle out of real estate property management by dealing with all the day to day items.

About EMH3 Property Management

EMH3 Real Estate & Management has over 25+ years of experience managing real estate for owners of condominium units, houses and commercial spaces in South Florida. Whether you need someone to care for your condominium, town home, single family home or most any type of real estate investment, count on EMH3 property management every step of the way. We are proactive, cost effective, and with a simple fee structure. EMH3 property management will tailor our services to fit your needs.
Property Types & Functions
Single Family Homes

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What We Manage
Specialized Services
Tenant Management
Accounting / Collections
Preparing to Rent
Finding Tenants

We manage a variety of different property types. Below is a list of what we have experience in handling.

Single Family Homes
Seasonal & Semi Annual 
Rental Income Property
4 Plex's
5-6 Unit Rentals
Small Buildings 
Commercial Property
Strip Centers
Warehouse Space
Office Condos

We handle more specialized types of issues for investors as well.

Evictions: We have a great track record of avoiding evictions or resolving them at little or no cost to our clients. But, if we must proceed with an eviction process, we work hand in hand with attorneys specialized in quickly and cost effectively handling the court process. We assist with the process servers, sheriffs office, movers, locksmiths and any other individuals needed during this process.

Property Tax: We work with Attorneys who focus on lowering property taxes by petitioning the county/city where the property resides to lower the property tax amount.

Zoning issues: Maximizing or petitioning for zoning changes based on highest and best use.
Building and zoning open permits. We have helped clients track down and clear open permits on properties being prepared for sale and or in the process of being purchased.

Insurance: from being the arms and legs for out of state insurers of liability to facilitating the necessary teams to do elevation certificates and other risk related items.

Managing a tenant occupied property is another area where we make sure that the value of your investment is protected during the term of the lease. We continue being active, dealing with any issues that may come up. We make certain issues are reviewed and dealt with expediently.

We handle the collection of rent due and any other monies owed from the tenant during the course of the lease.
Any mechanical items needing service or repair (AC, kitchen appliances, plumbing, electrical, etc.) is part of what we manage.

We deal with notices from condominiums and HOA's such as leaks, noise complaints, work being done in the community, etc.

If we notice that a tenant is not caring for their property we advise the tenant that the property MUST be maintained and will take steps to protect our client’s property.

We handle all aspects of collections and disbursements for our clients properties including rent collection, rent disbursement, paying of vendors for repairs or improvements, association matters and more.

In particular we interface with you’re accounting, tax or legal team in whatever manner necessary to insure the smooth transfer of funds, bills, and information.

We make sure your property is ready to be rented. From cleaning, painting, plastering, plumbing, electric, trash removal, flooring and all other aspects of making a property ready for tenants is covered.

In addition, we handle larger or more complex renovations when needed.

We also oversee a large pool of qualified journeymen who handle all types of repairs in a quick and efficient manner. Most importantly, we do not up-charge or add a fee. We do our best to keep expenses as low as possible.

We use every current method available to aggressively market our clients real estate holdings to insure that they are occupied at all times. We have an excellent track record of keeping our clients properties rented with little down time.

We do much more than simply promote your property. We actively seek out the best possible match for a prospective tenant. Our marketing and advertising is comprehensive and global in reach. We also syndicate our properties to other marketing systems giving our clients the largest possible pool of prospective tenants. In this regard, we handle the below items and many more both small and large to insure maximum occupancy.

A big part of what makes us successful is comprehensive marketing and market analysis to make sure your property is priced properly to capture the most positive attention. A picture says a thousand words and we make sure those words are positive ones. Professional Photography is done in house standard. Tenant qualifying and screening (either through an existing condo association or separately at our clients discretion). We manage the process with all entities, communities, associations, from start to finish.

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