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Miami River Real Estate is not just condos near Brickell.

Real estate along the Miami River is not just new highrises along the entrance of the Miami River. You can find single family homes, acre estates, townhouses, low rise and mid rise condos and even brand new highrise rental buildings. Most of them will have dockage for boats or water access and all share in the unique Miami River lifestyle.

Below is an image of an area of single family homes that have dockage on the Miami River within the historic neighborhood of Spring Garden.

Breakdown of Miami River Real Estate

EMH3 Miami River Real Estate 2018 Map Guide
The Miami River is broken down into three sections. The above image is courtesy of the Miami River Commission. The lower river is where the mouth of the Miami river meets Biscayne Bay. It's also where downtown Miami on the north of the river meets Brickell on the south side of the river. Heading inland you will find a all sorts of interesting properties.

Miami river real estate for sale and rent  can be broken up by upper, middle and lower river as noted in the above image. It's clear to see how big development is moving in along the lower river. More projects keep moving inland along the waterway combining to both gentrify and solidify certain real estate uses. While this is going on, the commercial portion of the river remains as vibrant and active as ever. 
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