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Where Have We Been?

Posted On: December 20, 2018

With New Times Comes New Changes

You've probably noticed that our blog page has been rather sparse for a number of years now. Where have we been? Well, It's not like we haven't had anything to say.

And Here...



We've been keeping busy posting interesting articles and informative pieces while marketing our clients listings. For the new year, we are planning on adding a few new components. For one, we are considering adding a podcast and maybe even some informative videos. We're also going to be growing! Yup, after many years of being very boutique-"ish", We feel it's time to to grow and invite people to come join us! Learn more about us HERE.

So, yes. We have been posting. We just weren't doing it here... sniffle... So, this coming year, we are going to bring some of that social media love back to the EMH3 website in the form of podcasts, media postings, etc.

Stick around! There's more to come. Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from EMH3 Real Estate & Management
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