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Villa Kogelhof Let's Build this in Miami

Posted On: April 2, 2014

Villa Kogelhof is simply a stunning use of glass, concrete and open space.

As much modern art as home, Villa Kogelhof has won numerous international design awards not only for it's uncompromising aesthetic, but also for it's ability to put together ultra luxury with self sufficient (energy neutral) design principals. This is going "off the grid" in true luxurious style.

Nestled in an ecological preserve in the Netherlands the home is comprised of a lower or underground area which serves as garage, workspaces and storage. The living areas are above in the floating glass box housing the main living areas which overlook a pond that was integrated into the property.

What also makes this villa unique is that currently it appears as barren land but the design anticipates the future of the area which is to be a forested region.

To learn more and visit the architects site please click HERE:

Why my fascination with this? I can think of a handful of fantastic luxury waterfront real estate properties along the bay and ocean here in South Florida that would give an incredible back drop and setting for an real estate design of this caliber.

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