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Truth Facts

Posted On: April 22, 2014

Truth Facts

Info Graphics that Poke Fun at every things in our lives

From the creators of WUMO come these fantastic info graphics that chronicle some of the more frustrating but simply irrefutable truth facts about daily living.

I love the graphic of what it's like to live in suburbia. I have clients who live in great luxury apartments around Brickell and Coconut Grove and the topic of why they want to move comes up. If I don't hear a good reason I usually just relate the grass is always greener story or the saying "better the devil you know then the devil you don't"... Again, I am among friends so I have some leeway with my thoughts.

With this suburbia info graphic I can with one image, explain to both my residential and condo clients what they might encounter. In the case of the condo clients I would have to pretend that rather than a subdivision they would be looking at a stacking plan of a building and imagine the neighbors above below and to their sides.

Some other great truth facts to check out is how content and advertising have evolved of the years. So true... And, of course, there's the truth fact that pokes fun at salaries relative to the amount of fun had at each successive rung up the corporate ladder.

Below is a slideshow 13 of what are many great slides and cartoons from WUMO.


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