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Most Expensive Real Estate in South Florida

Posted On: April 3, 2014

Most Expensive Real Estate in South Florida

It was reported a few days back that a home in California was sold for over $102,000,000.00 dollars! The Buyer (A Billionaire from France) paid cash for the property. So, what does $102,000,000.00 get you in California? You get a 4.6 acre 50,000 square foot estate with a Beverly Crest Address that lies between Beverly Hills and Holmby Hills. Not bad...

The home, of course, comes with everything  you can possibly imagine and few things you might not have thought of.

Alternatively, you could shoot over to the north east coast of the US and purchase a 50 acre 15,000 square foot mansion on pristine waterfront overlooking Long Island Sound in Greenwich. Asking Price? $190,000,000.00

So, how does the most expensive real estate in South Florida stack up? Well, actually not bad! Depending on your perspective and net worth, we're a bargain of sorts. Curiously, right now condominiums in South Florida are pricing out higher than estates or mansions. It would seem South Florida Condos are headed the way of Manhattan condo prices which are also in the $100,000,000.00+ range.

Take a look below to see which homes made the list of the most expensive real estate in South Florida. It's a regularly updating list so you won't miss a beat.

Go Here to see the list. It's updated hourly. 

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