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Miami Crime Map

Posted On: December 20, 2011

Miami Crime Map That Updates Regularly

For all you Dragnet Fans and budding PI's here is a link to a miami crime map solution. I thought this would be an interesting link for those persons looking into buying real estate in the Miami area and wanting to know about crime in the area. It's an interactive map showing all types of criminal activity with easy to read icons and descriptions and the areas where they happened.

As and FYI, the Miami Crime Map does have links to other municipalities that participate in this program throughout the United States.

Click HERE to jump to the map.


I took a deeper look and found the following links that are also active with varying degrees of success in mapping. Try the following links for specific communities. You might have to dig around the user interface but it might yield the information you are looking for.

Crime Reports . Com Nice clean interface but did not load data properly. Would love to see this interface improve. Also using the same interface and data sets is Crimemapping.com

Spot Crime I like this one in that it loaded data and you could search almost any area. Just type in the zip code for the best results. Too many adds.

Sex Offenders Map Crime reports also has this feature but these folks focus on this as their main service.

Miami Dade County Crime Mapping Software: This should be the mother of all databases for crime statistics for all cities within Miami-Dade County.  You might have issues when loading crime statistics within a specific city but in general it's very comprehensive system though a bit slow.

There are more sites out there that offer much of the same each with it's own take on the crime mapping theme. You mileage will vary...

If you find a good site pass it on and we will post it!

Update #2

I received a posting from someone in the support section of raids online claiming a similar product. I took a peek and have to say that they actually have a pretty good product!

Check it out HERE:

One thing this website does that is different from the others is heat mapping or color coding areas of higher activity from others with less or... no activity at all. The interface is straightforward as well. You can also view this on tablet and phone devices with some limitations.

The only issue I have is the same one I had with all of these products which is limited data sets. It seems that accumulating comprehensive data beyond a city or handful of cities is difficult.

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