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Manatees in Miami

Posted On: June 2, 2013

Manatees in Miami

When do you find Manatees in Miami? Our firm just sold a listing at Palmetto Bay Fl www.5984paradisepoint.com. In the process of doing due diligence, we came across a group of Manatees together behind our listing in the Canal that services both Royal Harbor Yacht Club and Deering Bay which is also shared by the Kings Bay Marina.

In the images, you can see how at first we spotted one Manatee moving between the boats that were docked along the marina that is right behind the Royal Harbor Yacht Club homes. As we kept watching this one Manatee we eventually found that it was actually a group of Manatees most likely a mother and her calves.

In the images below, you can see the Manatees engaging in what almost looks like a Manatee car wash! The calves are very diligent in working along the upper part of the parent Manatees body to do what appears to be cleaning of the build up of sea life on the back of the older Manatee. Quite a show and quite a lot of activity from our water bound neighbors.

It was an amazing sight seeing these Manatees in Miami. Something I am sure the new homeowners of this property are going to be able to enjoy for many years to come.

About Manatees

In case you would like to know more about these very tranquil and majestic creatures here are a few links you can visit to learn more about Manatees, their habitat and the fact that boaters share many of the same spaces and therefore need to be very mindful to share the space with our Manatee neighbors.

Wikipedia Link

National Geographic

Save The Manatee.org

We hope you found this information useful and if you ever want to find a great waterfront home to watch Manatees, Dolphins and other aquatic wildlife just hit the contact links and it would be our pleasure to help.



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