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Manatee Sighting in Brickell

Posted On: December 21, 2011

Manatee Sighting in Brickell next to Jade Condominium

A Manatee sighting in Brickell is not unheard of but you definitely don't see them grazing near the financial center of Miami often. I was walking back to my office from a showing on Brickell Bay Drive. At the edge of the bay I happened upon a pair of Manatee's grazing along the sea grass at the waters edge.

The photos were taken at the south east corner of Jade Brickell along the waters edge. Being close to the middle of the day there were not a lot of people around to enjoy the sighting.

Beside  the occasional Manatee sigthting in Brickell, you can also see Dolphins and schools of fish as well as the Gigantic Iguana's that like to eat Bougainvillea flowers at the entrance of Brickell Key Island.

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