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luxury furniture that is exclusive and unique

Posted On: March 29, 2014

Luxury Furniture for  a Luxury Real Estate lifestyle in South Florida.

We put a lot of effort and energy into spreading the word about our luxury real estate offerings. But what makes an amazingly unique residence are the finishing touches and thoughtful details that add value while imbuing a level of sophistication and chic exclusivity. These three pieces from around the globe accomplish just that in quite whimsical and very coveted ways.

The first one is a company called Fletcher Tables It is an expanding table that is completely hand made but when you watch the video above you will notice the incredible precision, detail, care and quality of finish that these one off custom tables receive. Beside the incredible craftsmanship, this luxury furniture is just simply captivating to watch in action. As much at home on land as on a mega yacht this London based company is sure to be making a handful of very affluent and lucky customers exceedingly happy.

This next product is as much art as beautifull luxury furniture for your garden or backyard. This Obelisk design from what I believe to be a German - Italian design house takes the storage of their product to a whole new aesthetic level. It's almost equally pleasant to leave these stacked as it would to just be lounging around your pool.

The last item is quite ingenious. This comes from Japan and takes luxury furniture and turns it into functional and extremely unique wall art. From YoY-Idea comes what would appear to be screen print of furniture on white canvas frames that would add beauty to any wall. Where things get very interesting is that you can take these pieces of high end wall art and turn them into chic luxury furniture that is actually quite functional. In both chair, love seat sizes, these are true conversation pieces of a very limited

luxury furniture

Check the images and videos above and go to the links of these very unique products. Drop us a line below of luxury furniture that is truly one of kind.

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