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I Absolutely Need More Space!

Through A Pandemic We Learned That Living Space Matters.

Oh my, I really need more space where I live...

SO MUCH MORE SPACE! Yup, need the space...

Social Distancing, working from home, self quarantining, hoarding toilet Paper (I still don't understand this). These are the new norms for us right now.

Out of all of these catch phrases, the one thing that rings clear is that we need more space in our homes, apartments, lofts, condos, etc. You don’t realize how much until you’ve had to ACTUALLY live in a space for a dedicated period of time with family, pets and maybe a friend in “quarancation” or “quaranteaming”. You learn quickly that there isn’t enough room for that stockpile of toilet paper or your 24 month supply of water, chips, paper towels, wet wipes, lysol (worth more than gold right now) and other assorted things. This is just the tip of the iceberg for what we all feel we need for Pandemic’s, Hurricane season and the occasional impending doom.

But how much space do you really need? A 10’ x10’ pantry/bunker? Probably not. But, in this age of 2nd and 3rd homes that are less and less like homes and more like a mattress with a view, a kitchen and a small closet, it’s time to think about up-sizing our living arrangements. While it’s true that if you are frugal and efficient about your space usage you can accomplish a lot, we’re really talking about LIVING in our homes and not just sleeping and using the bathroom before running off to work, gym, party, outside, etc. So it’s not just about storing your goodies. It’s about useable living space and having room to move about and stretch while being confined to one area. We are actually using our homes as homes and not pit-stops!
Through pandemic confinement came our epiphany. We realized that the space we have might not be the space we really need. That what we need based on the idea of spending the majority of our time at home, may be very different from what a lot of us currently call home.

Urban Living Might Look Very Different

So the next thing you might think is that you don't want to change your awesome lifestyle in the heart of downtown in your micro apartment. Well….. that ship might have sailed with the current pandemic and social distancing rules. The new ship that will be arriving is called telecommuting and home living.

In a nutshell, what I’m saying is that a lot of the things that we as urban dwellers loved about living in the heart of the city might not be there for us in the way we had envisioned. Having a home that encompasses enough space to store, live and care for yourself is taking more of a central role in our home living considerations.

So, you need more space, but how much exactly? In a recent article I read from Realtor Magazine, they referenced a market study that broke down what homeowners wish they could have or would have wanted to change about their current homes. I think it punctuates my point exactly. 

* More space: 19%
* Updated kitchen: 13%
* Home gym: 11%
* Update the style/aesthetics: 9%
* More natural light: 9%
* Add a yard or patio: 9%
* Add a bathroom: 6%

It’s pretty clear that when you actually live in a space, work and home school, and not just arrive to sleep or buy takeout, you’re home needs become very different and the data reflects that.

Wow... We've spent quite a bit of time adjusting. This is all going to require A BIT more of adjusting, but we can do it. I'm pretty sure we can do it... Yeah, it's doable. Chin up!

Some of this seems straightforward of obvious. It's just when you are in the thick of it or in the middle of the storm, it can be hard to see. If you want to learn some more about this or are ready to make a change to more spacious/functional digs, message me and I’ll get you squared away. We’re open and working and ready to help! 

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