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Real Estate Website Spring Cleaning

Real Estate Website Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung and like the saying goes, it’s time for Spring cleaning! In the age of the Covid-19 Pandemic, that means there isn't a lot of interaction with others. But! The good news is that it leaves me time to tweak a couple of things related to websites, domains, landing pages and links. 

Where to begin? Let’s start with domain names.

Domain Name House Keeping 

We manage a number of real estate related domains that historically just pointed over to our main landing page. That’s changed. Now, if you find or type into your gables.pro , instead of just going to our main page, you are instead taken directly to relevant results such as https://www.emh3.com/coral-gables-golf-course-homes/

Same goes for gables.estate takes you to a specific results page for Gables Estates property listings as follows: https://www.emh3.com/gables-estates-coral-gables/

Besides Coral Gables, we have done the same for domains in Brickell, Edgewater, South Beach, Brickell Key, Fisher Island, Miami, Key Biscayne, Pinecrest and many more. 

Which brings me to my last comment on this bit of house keeping and is directed towards realtors looking to carve out a niche in a specific market and want a boost. As I mentioned, we manage a number of real estate related domains. If you have ever thought of focusing on a specific area of a community but felt you could not do it because you did not have a specific domain to your market and the backing to make that domain become part of a great hub and spoke business model, I think you might have found your next opportunity with us!

Link Structure Spring Cleaning

No Real Estate Website Spring Cleaning would be complete without organizing links. Over time you see the need to create a link or add a page or place additional information into your website. In the rush to do this, sometimes things don’t go where they should and even worse can be confusing in a site with as many pages as ours. As a result, we did a little house cleaning and re-organized a few links and placed others into their proper groupings to better reflect an areas available communities. There is more work to be done but the main point is that things are a bit better organized.

Real Estate Website Spring Cleaning of Specialty Searches

If you are realtor, you are all too familiar with the various search types of single family homes and condominiums. But the MLS has always offered a number of different search types to make finding things more specific and hopefully easier. Of note, these are all map based searches meaning as you move the map around or zoom into an area of interest, the listing displayed will adjust to only that being shown on the map. Small tip to make your searching easier. Once you have zoomed into a area that interests you, right-click on any listing below the map that interests you and open it in a new page. The reason for this si to preserve your map search. Even easier is to create an account and save your searches and share them with friends and colleagues.

A good portion of these map searches can also find available listings from Key west to north of Jupiter, Fl and all the way from Naples, Fl to past Port Charlotte, Fl where we also provide brokerage services.

To that end, we added the following links under specialty searches at top menu bar of all our pages.

Here are the list of the new custom search links

Commercial Real Estate:
Here you will find a specific search type geared toward office/warehouse condo style commercial properties. What this means is that if you are looking for an office condo in Brickell or an office/warehouse in Doral or Tamiami, you can do that here. How you may ask? I’m glad you did!!!!

Much like the title suggests, here you will find a map search dedicated to empty lots, parcels, acreage, etc., in various stages of use or disuse. Enough Said. Go check it out!

This one is as bit tricky. What you should find here are multifamily properties. IE: Duplex, triplex, fourplex, townhomes, garden apartment buildings and other smaller and in rare occasions larger unit number property offerings. You will also find properties inproperly input into this category more often then not so patience is the rule and will reward you with some good finds! For larger multifamily offerings in the 20-200+ range call us and we’ll send along what you need based on your criteria.
Don’t want a house or an apartment condo? Than a townhouse might be for you? It’s neither chock full of the responsibilities of a house and private enough to make you not feel like your in a giant habitrail building. You know who you are. You can find great deals on townhomes throughout South Florida.

So this is a tricky one. What is a villa? In Roman antiquity (Credit to Wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villa were estates that in some cases became monasteries. That is soooo not the case nowadays. The word Villa has been appropriated to mean so many different things. But, none the less, there is a dedicated search to villa style residences which can range from a small duplex in homestead to a waterfront townhome/mini estate size home with dock. So, again, use the map search and get ready to find what your looking for!

General Real Estate Search
While this is not a unique search per se, it plays off the idea of the other searches allowing you fine tune to your exact liking the system to find what YOU want. Just click the “Advanced Search” link in blue below the location box. Both of which are located above the map search.

What's coming next in Real Estate Website Spring Cleaning? 

We’re hoping to get a industrial property search up and running in short order as well and will update this page to reflect that change when it comes. We've been tinkering with a Dock or boat slip search and an industrial real estate search as well that isn't built around condo type properties. 

Happy spring cleaning and we are here to help you find what you are looking for!
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