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372 Crazy Reasons Why to Move to Miami

Are You Really Thinking Of Moving To Miami?

A Move To Miami Is Easier Than You Think

Maybe you received a job offer recently or are doing your homework about moving to sunny South Florida? Maybe you already live here and just finished school or are mid career and thinking of making a big move. 

Whatever the case, there are plenty of good reasons to come down and live the life you're grandparents only dreamed of in retirement. Living your best life is meant to happen while you can still move and remember what you did 15 minutes ago (Or try really hard to forget).... There is no time to waste! 

So, if your looking for reasons about "why Miami", you've come to the right place. Here's a local perspective on why moving to Miami is not such a bad idea. 

I want you to move to miami for Selfish Intentions

LeBron James once said "I'm taking my talents to South Beach"... But if you're not a basketball legend, is it worth coming to Miami to live and work? Luckily, yes. There is a lot more to Miami than South Beach with it's sandy beaches, clubs, nightlife, eateries and models. Thankfully, there is a lot more to South Florida than meets the eye.

Let's dispense with the obvious. I wrote this because I want you to use my Real Estate Brokerage to Buy, Sell or Rent your next home here in Miami. It would be an honor to be of service to you. Our goal is always to provide a great experience and we've been doing just that for decades. Now that I have dispensed with my selfish intentions, let's get into it!

(DISCLAIMER - There is no particular order to this list)

Moving to Miami? You'll be a part of Miami's Diverse Lifestyles

What?! You mean Miami isn't just Art Deco apartments on the beach and high-end condos for the super rich and leather skinned retirees living on the beach? NOPE... Miami gets lot's of press for the glitzy and glamorous stuff. And for good reason. Miami does have a glamorous sheen to it. But, the fact is that regular people like you and I can and do live well here. I don't mean living well out of the back of their leased BMW either. 

But where are these communities that won’t break the bank?  For Example. If you want to live in a home and not have to drive for hours at a time to get into the city center, try Shenandoah which is just south of downtown Miami. You could try Little Haiti (formerly Lemon City) next to the Design District, Alapattah is another quickly developing option just north of the Jackson/UM medical district. Spring Garden is a neat little patch of properties along the Miami River and really central to everything. There are so many communities to pick from.
If your work is in Coral Gables there are lots of options both walking distance within the main business district and immediately nearby such as little gables.
Doral is joining the trend in that Doral's city center is now a live and work environment. So, yes, we can put you in a penthouse on Brickell Key or a home in Bay Point or Key Biscayne and Pinecrest very happily. But there are some compelling in town and commuter friendly options that won't break the bank either.

Miamian's hate traffic as much as everyone else does!

Did I actually say that out loud? Yes... What I really mean to say is that if you move to Miami, traffic can suck here like any other growing and or larger city. And in some ways, we have a special variety of bad drivers that are unique to us. But, there are serious attempts being made to make it commuter and traffic friendly. From the Brightline Train that will comfortably and quickly connect you to major hubs in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Within each city you have local trolleys in every major city in Miami-Dade County that can connect you to downtown Miami's Metromover and Metro Rail service. With a little effort, you can get around without going nuts. Of course, there is Uber,Lyft, scooters, bikes and more already in place with more in the works. Lastly, you CAN get around easily with a car. Miami is a mix of urban/suburban spread with a splash of rural which is pretty expansive. Now that we have legitimate urban walkable cores dotted throughout the various communities, the need for a car is slowly being diminished with continued planning and newer technology.

 Miami has Multiple Airports that connect to just about everywhere      (so it's easy to leave...)

What’s the point of living somewhere wonderful if you can’t leave it???? Ha! Miami International Airport is not the biggest airport in the world but it is one of the busiest. It also connects to just about every major city in the world. Add to this Ft. Lauderdale International airport and a host of other regional airports and the skies your expressway. Oh, if you ship stuff in major quantities that are time sensitive or degrade quickly, Miami International Airport is the US's biggest commercial shipping airport.

Miami has A Quickly Growing technology hub

You have Silicon Valley and the northeast tech scene. Now Miami is starting to be recognized as a great incubator location for new business and technology startups. What we don't have is cool name to go along with all this VC/Startups, incubators, etc.? Maybe Transistor Swamp? Nope, that's horrible. Help me here. Maybe the "Miami Tech Hub" or "Tech Hub of the Americas"? That isn't too painful to say. More importantly Miami is sitting on the NAP (Network access point) of the Americas of which there are only a handful in the US and handle massive amounts of data and bandwidth. IE: More than most areas, Miami is setup to succeed on the technology front.

Moving to Miami means you will have an incredible variety of food to choose from

I'm not just talking about Joe's Stone Crabs or The Forge. I'm talking about all sorts of ethnic foods from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and South American specialties. Miami is not your typical foodie destination in that there isn't ONE place to go to try something different or unique. From roadside bbq to Peruvian, Venezuelan and Mexican fare that goes beyond anything you would think to expect. Even the food trucks serve up seriously good food. There are so many options and things to try it boggles the mind. Just pick a starting point and jump in. Oh, don't forget to exercise. There are a ton of places to get your exercise on! Check out Miami Spice while your at it to learn a bit more. 

School ain't Is not just for kids anymore

Actually, education and learning should never really end and truthfully, if you want to be a part of the current economy you really need to be ready to learn, train, adapt, etc., perpetually. Miami's education system from pre-k through 12 is now one of the better options in the country. Add to that public schools and charter schools that rank both locally, statewide and nationally in the top tiers and you get a sense that we are taking ourselves seriously when it comes to education. There simply are a lots of options.
For higher education, Miami has multiple public and private institutions that rank tops in numerous fields and specialties. Add to this higher education satellite schools from nationally ranked universities and there really are quite a lot of ways of earning a top flight education.

Miami Weather is crazy & good for you

Clearly, the heat has gotten to me and I have lost my mind. But, maybe not? Miami's greatest issue is people complaining about the heat. There is a funny thing that happens to people who live and work in Miami. They take jackets and sweaters to work... Miami has one the greatest temperature variations from indoor to outdoor environments of any major city. But, unlike other hot or muggy places, we get a nice breeze that comes onshore and keeps both our air quality and temperatures within a range that is bearable. Plus, assuming you are waiting for when the nuclear winter / zombie apocalypse comes, we'll be one of the few places that remains habitable so you may as well just come over now to stake out your space. On the downside, you lose experiencing the four seasons as you might up north, but you also lose winter snow outs, earthquakes, flooding that lasts for weeks with people canoeing next to rooftops. You'll also miss windless heatwaves that cause blackouts. Those are always sad to read about. If you lived in Miami, you would only read about it and not live through it anymore.
But, you are left with Hurricanes. The thing is, most everything is built to withstand them and you can prepare for and anticipate to a large degree which can't be said for the other weather events or natural disasters. 

We hate long lists of things for the sake of filler

Yeah, I had no intention of coming up with hundreds of reasons as these are reason enough to peak your interest or get you started in asking the right questions. The most correct question to ask is how to ask me more questions about coming down to Miami. Ask about Schools if you have kids or for yourself. Questions for how to prepare to buy a home or rent a place. You could ask about getting qualified for a loan? We can get you settled in that regard as well. We can help you get to know the areas you're interested in a little better. These are just a few great reasons to give us a call and ask questions.

questions, by the way, are aLWAYS welcome

There is no better way to make a good decision of where to live and how to accomplish this, then by speaking with someone who is knowledgable and willing to understand your needs. I sincerely hope you reach out to us as this is something we can be of great assistance in.

Give us a shout! We look forward to hearing from you!
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