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New Rules Housing Market for Condo Lending

Posted On: April 30, 2009

Lending Rules for Condominiums


As a result of the success of the first in a series of talks about the current housing market, housing affordability and current practices in the market we are pleased to announce that The Miami Chamber of Commerce will be hosting another two to three forums on the subject as a part of the series we originally talked about.

The next event will be "Underwater 101" . It is geared not only toward the Chamber membership and local realtors but also the general public and should be chock-full of information regarding local housing programs, bankruptcy issues, bank loan modification programs and the product and services the federal government have been putting out to assist as well

We expect the event to occur sometime in July with two more events scheduled for later in the year. We look forward to your attendance and will post the links just as soon as we get them.

Our parent company Sieckel LLC will be a sponsor and host.


As a member of the Miami Chamber of Commerce and participant in the workforce housing committee I would like to let everyone know about a great educational program being offered by the Chamber this coming May 8th at Chamber headquarters. New Rules Housing Market for condo lending in Miami is part of a series of discussions that EMH3's parent company helped to develop. This first series deals with condominium eligibility guidelines and the review process for lenders. In plain-speak that means what it takes to get a condo sold based on current lending guidelines. It is a series meant for practioners but all are welcome to attend as it will be very informative. There will be participants from the US Housing and Urban Development office, Fannie Mae, Becker and Poliakoff and The Continental Group for Community managements take on things

To find out more and register for this event click here.


new rules housing market
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