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Is a Real Estate Website Enough?

Posted On: December 23, 2018

Is a Real Estate Website Enough? The Short Answer is, no. A resounding NO. Realtors get inundated with emails offering them "the ultimate" website to drive traffic to them and give them the holy grail of leads. The problem is that EVERY realtor is receiving this message and every realtor on some level already has access to some form of a page on the internet with their information. A real estate website is an important piece of a larger plan but by itself it's usually not enough.

So then you might say that you have a great IDX plugin where potential clients can search to their hearts content? Well, ok. but a key component of IDX is how interactive you can get with potential clients and how easily they can share info amongst those they care for. IDX IS important but never make a client feel like they are working for themselves.

What to do?


Maybe that is the solution? Short answer. Again, no. But you're headed in the right direction! You should be writing about things that matter to you and your potential clients in your market. Topics should avoid being overly generic or watered down and have a call to action.

Speaking of calls to action. In some circles, that means culling personal information from people who visit your blog, website or other media. What it should really mean is giving people a compelling reason to contact you versus someone else. What makes you the go to person? What makes you different?

Mail Marketing!

You might say that you'll cover your target market in pamphlets, flyers, cards, brochures and the like. Snail mail has dropped significantly in use over the years. You will see some top brokers using it but again it is a part of a larger scheme or campaign. So, by itself, not enough.

Are you starting to get a sense of where I am headed with this? 🙂

3rd Party Social Media Marketing

So, now you are thinking to yourself. Ah Ha! I'll market myself through companies that target what I am looking for and or a specific demographic. You are headed in the right direction and getting warmer, but you're still not there yet "young grass hopper". Being nuanced and targeting specific parts of a market is great. But, be clear on why you are targeting them. Make sure that your message is clear. Here is where the concept of A/B testing comes into play. That's fancy talk for if one message doesn't resonate, change it and test to see which is getting to your target audience. It's the results that matter.

Social Media Influencer

So then you say, I'll become a social media "influencer" and drive people to me from my amazing videos and still photography! Ok, wonderful thought but that is a percentage of a percentage of the overall social media market. The good news, this is definitely part of the right direction to head in, but you don't need to be a social media star to accomplish your goals.

Is a real estate website enough?

The abbreviated answer to succeeding with a real estate website is: ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Yup. Look at successful realtors that do not have a specific network or started fresh in a market and you'll find all of the above methods and systems being employed with lots of personal tweaks and flare. And don't forget the old fashioned get to know your neighbors by physically meeting people. I know. Crazy! Meeting people physically in this day and age of digital nirvana is unheard of... At any given moment you will find someone somewhere, phone in hand, walking into a wall, pole or another person also on their electronic device while lost in their text, snapchat, etc. These folks need homes as well in "meatspace".

If this seems like a lot of things to handle or if you are not familiar with all this jargon, don't fret. If you are sincerely interested in being successful, then these are things you need to consider and or become familiar with. For some people, the best route is to team up.

This can take many forms but the main concept is finding a like minded person(s) with whom you can divide up the tasks and delegate those you can't stay ahead of. Ideally, you would want a brokerage that understands these things and can give you assistance. A brokerage firm that understands and can assist you in these endeavors is extremely valuable and important to your success. If you are a realtor in South Florida, contact us we might be your right fit! And there, gentle reader, is a shameless plug of my own real estate brokerage firm. We can make the real estate website process easier!

Combining the skills and knowledge of a proactive real estate brokerage with you and or your teams desire to succeed, and the likelihood of success starts to go up really fast. Remember, even though you are a business unto yourself, you don't need to go it alone.

So take that real estate website of yours and combine it with the above tools and you will have a hub and spoke system geared toward longterm success. Just remember, YOU ARE THE HUB. One tool by itself is usually not enough. Combining them and being flexible and true to your voice is the way to go.

Finally, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Planning, organization and perseverance are your closest friends and allies. Effectively, you are turning yourself into a walking retail brand that people will recognize as relevant and worth contacting if you do things right. One of the things we as a brokerage do (or any brokerage should be doing), is to help you establish your brand. The end game is for you to become a point of contact that engages interested people looking for the help of a qualified Realtor.

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