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About Emh3 Real Estate & Management

Emh3 Real Estate & Management is a South Florida real estate firm focusing on providing full service sales, leasing and individual property and real estate investment management. Emh3 Real Estate & Management is part of Sieckel LLC A Florida Real Estate Corporation whose managing broker is Adrian Diaz-Sieckel. Our business started as a private real estate investment consulting firm with a simple online business card. From humble beginnings we continue to transform and expand into the fully dynamic and informative real estate website that you see today. Constantly evolving and adapting to better serve our clients, Emh3 Real Estate & Management services can be counted on for top tier, knowledgeable and professional service to our clients.

At the heart of our luxury real estate business, is expert representation of sellers and buyers that caters in great detail to every facet of our clients real estate transactions in South Florida. In addition, our leasing and relocation service is second to none in terms of sourcing properties in a time sensitive and price conscious manner. We stick with our clients post move-in making sure their experience with us is a great one. Lastly, our luxury real estate property management division has been working with South Florida’s finest properties in it’s most select communities for over two decades. Our simple fee structure and vast experience help our clients enjoy their luxury real estate investments to the fullest.

Regardless of the type of real estate transaction type, you can count on us to be proactive, dedicated, experienced and honest partners.

Core Team

Adrian Diaz-Sieckel
Adrian Diaz-SieckelManaging Broker

A Miami native with industry leading experience in both Residential and Commercial real estate. Known for providing the absolute best personalized service to a clientele made up of industry leaders, renown musicians, athletes, celebrities and successful individuals in a myriad of disciplines who rely on his expertise and judgement.

South Florida encompasses an international living standard that is envied the world over. Within this exclusive world, Adrian’s comfort and candor with his clients, his discretion, knowledge, and connections, make the oftentimes complex processes of buying, selling and managing residential and commercial real estate seem simple. It’s this relaxed, professional but proactive and direct manner that drives his success and the reason his clients eagerly recommend him.

An active member of The Miami Board of Realtors and a past member of the Miami Chamber of Commerce where he spearheaded a series of talks dedicated to educating the community on finance and mortgage reforms, housing rules, short sales and federal lending guideline changes.

Adrian moved into positions of leadership and influence applying the same set of skills that make him sought after by his private clients today. Beside earning graduate and postgraduate degrees in business, Adrian has worked from the ground up in Construction and Property Management controlling large portfolios of private estate homes and luxury apartments for clients from all over the world. From operating officer of a statewide real estate brokerage to regional director of commercial operations for the state’s largest property management firm, his commitment to quality service is always at the forefront.

Sam Thompson
Sam ThompsonRealtor Associate
Sam Thompson is a consummate real estate professional. Originally from London, UK. Sam, has been in the Florida real estate industry since 2004. He always strives to provide superior, informative, and courteous service. Sam can be reached directly at 786-262-2375
Francesco Verrini
Francesco VerriniRealtor Associate
Francesco Verrini is an Italian Real Estate professional. He speaks Italian, English and Spanish and he is active in both Miami and NY real estate markets. Francesco can be reached directly at (305)587-0903 or at (+39)335-613811 when in Italy.
Mark Deler
Mark DelerRealtor Associate
Originally from Boston, Mass., Mark Deler relocated to downtown Miami area in 2008. He is fluent in English and Spanish and has a broad range of over 20 years of experience that covers the construction industry, contracting, real estate investing, and serving as a landlord.

Mark understands the needs of buyers and appreciates that purchasing a home in not only a financial commitment, but an emotional one too.

His energy and interest to get involved in all aspects of a transaction is a key reason clients love working with him. He brings ideas and demonstrates a practical approach to problem solving.

Allow Mark the opportunity to work with you, and take advantage of his experience to find the right property for you.
Mark can be reached at 786-512-2547


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